I am an evolutionary ecologist and I’m interested in how animals find mates, how many times they mate, and who they mate with. I work with parasitoid wasps which are ecologically and economically very important. Many parasitoid species attack pest species like aphids and caterpillars; healthy populations of parasitoid wasps can reduce and even eliminate the need for using chemical pesticides. I want to know whether the mating decisions female parasitoids make can shape the species evolutionary ecology and determine which species and populations survive and which go extinct.

I am currently a BBSRC discovery fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland and a postdoctoral talent fellow at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands.

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I’m an evolutionary ecologist interested in sex ratios, polyandry, eusociality, parental care and other cool things that important insects do.


I am always interested to hear from potential collaborators, or anyone who is interested in my work! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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About Me

My work combines laboratory and field experiments, phylogenetic analyses and molecular techniques to understand why mating behaviour and social behaviour evolves and what the consequences of these behaviours are.

I am an award-winning science communicator with a strong background in outreach and public engagement.

I have published my work in major international journals and my 17 publications have been cited over 80 times. I have presented research at conferences and seminar series worldwide.

I have managed to maintain some sort of life outside of being a biologist. I play Ultimate frisbee, hang out with my dog Sprocket (we also hang out at work too, see featured photos) and occasionally do stand-up comedy (see outreach).

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Zine making
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Care about the climate
Play frisbee

Read high brow literature


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